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Welcome to Canna Nation your global cannabis community. Canna Nation was born from Australia's largest cannabis community thanks to our ever growing International cannabis minded members.

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The Cannabis Community
The cannabis community continues to grow bigger all the time, the cannabis community contains an infinite ever growing source of information, news & discussions regarding cannabis, pot, marijuana, hash, weed, grass, whatever you want to call it and other non cannabis related subjects.

To experience the most from Canna Nation and the cannabis community we recommend you register once there, it's free easy and gives you access to so much more throughout the cannabis community and our features.

Introduction Room
Once your a registered member then jump in here and introduce yourself to the rest of the cannabis community.

Cannabis News
Up to date cannabis news gathered from all different sources on and offline.

Medicinal Cannabis
News and information regarding topics and discussions on the medicinal uses of marijuana.

Reviews & Discussions
Reviews and discussions from us and our members on cannabis and non cannabis related paraphernalia, books, movies and music.

Mission Overgrow!
Our Marijuana growing forums with a wealth of ever growing cannabis grow information, from the International cannabis community.

The Cannabis Gallery
An infinite gallery of cannabis photography, featuring trichomes, buds, plants, gardens, grow rooms and plenty more.

Join like minded people of all nations in our LIVE Chat, open 24/7 with members chatting at all hours of the day and night.
Our ever growing "cannabis university" is a selection of programs, tools and guides being built by us with the cannabis community's help. At cannaversity you will find:
Cannabis Grow FAQ
Our growing Cannabis Grow FAQ.

Cannabis Strain Guide
Our cannabis strain guide is growing with the help of the cannabis community. Check it out and give your report on a listed strain or submit one to us if you don't see it there yet.

Cannabis Seed Bank Guide
The Cannabis Seed Bank Guide is a place to come and report your experiences good or bad, with cannabis seed banks from around the world. Drop by and give your report or submit a seed bank if you can't find it listed.

Green Eggs & Ham
Our cannabis cookbook consisting of a large range of cannabis and non cannabis based recipes. Please feel free to contribute any of your own recipes.
Canna Porn
Canna Porn is our cannabis photography competition found within our cannabis gallery, it includes photography of marijuana heads and plants with prizes given away for every round. The winner of Canna Porn is always decided by a vote within the cannabis community on the finalists selected by us and you.
Cannaversity Cannabis FAQCannabis Strain GuideCannabis Seed Bank GuideCanna Porn : Cannabis Photography